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DIY: Engagement Invites

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So we're having our engagement party on May 2nd and I've just finished designing the invites.

What do you think?

It's Friday (well Thursday actually)!

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With it being Easter this weekend, today is the last day of the working week - yay!

Looking forward to having a bit of rest, spending time with Mr E and celebrating Easter. Today has been interesting. I was waiting to hear about the job I interviewed for last week and unfortunately I didn't get it. 

I'm disappointed but I don't want to be, or at least I'm not now. I've always had the belief that if something doesn't work out the way you want it to, it's because God has something better in store. When one door closes, another one opens - my mother always told me. This job wasn't for me. 

So that's the stance I'm taking. :)

Life before YouTube.

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Technology is great. From Blackberrys to Sky+, there is a gadget or gizmo that can do almost anything.

I love YouTube you can find videos on pretty much everything.

I was searching for how to make Jollof Rice and I came across Chichi TV! Here we have presumably Chichi, showing us how she makes her Jollof Rice. Interesting! 

Here's her Jollof Rice Video

I also watched her red stew video, also very good and next time I made stew I used her method. Mr E enjoyed!

I usually search Youtube for videos, music and tutorials - there's a wealth of knowledge on there. I've found wedding music on there, variations on the traditional first dance and then sometimes you come across some funny stuff. YouTube is also great if you miss a TV show or a clip of something - you can almost guaranteed to find it on there.

Here's one of my favourites:

And here's one my brother and cousin did - love it!

What did we do before Youtube (and Google) for that matter?

Spotlight on the Obamas

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One of my favourite couples out there is Barack and Michelle Obama. Currently in Europe at the moment, the two have been making waves across the Globe.

I really like Michelle Obama, a positive role model for young women, who as First Lady, comes across as very approachable and friendly. Whenever asked what she does, the first thing that comes out of her mouth is 'Sasha and Malia's mom', which I think speaks volumes. She recognises that first she is a wife and a mother and everything else comes second.

Her love for her Barack is very evident as is his love for her. They are very comfortable with each, showing support and are not afraid of public displays of affection. They recognise that marriage takes work and isn't always perfect but the rewards outweigh it all.

Who's knows what sacrifices have been made to get this point, but I'm sure it is all worth it.

Pictures from Getty Images

Love don't cost a thing

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I came across this blog the other day in my daily reading. This Bride is asking people to make donations in order for her to pay for her wedding. Interesting!

It does make you wonder what is important - the marriage or the wedding?

Now whilst the idea is not exactly original (those of you who have read Save Karyn, will be aware of the concept) it's interesting that someone has applied it to planning a wedding. At first I thought genius, then I thought, 'actually what is the day about'. Surely the focus should be on the marriage, not the flowers, the centre pieces, the favours or the dress.

I have male friends who are delaying proposing to their other halves because they can't afford 'that' ring she wants or couples putting off getting married because they can't afford all the associated frills. Surely that's not what is important - last time I checked 'love don't cost a thing'.

In all honesty you could plan a wedding in a week if you wanted to (if not sooner) and also spend very little, it all depends on what you want. As I've always said, your wedding is as simple or as complicated as you want it to be. Check out this blog for a couple who planned their wedding with just two thousand dollars.! Yes it can be done, you just need to decide what's important for you.

So folks what's important and what are YOU focusing on?

Do we have your correct information?

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We want to make sure we have the correct information for our guests e.g. email addresses and home addresses. This will enable us to get your inviation sent to the right place.

If you're not sure whether we have your correct info, please complete your details here and let us know. 


Thank you for your prayers.

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Thanks to all the people who have text and called me today to wish me luck in my interview and to let me know that they are praying for me.

Really appreciate it - will keep you posted.

Save the dates

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So I've finally designed our Save the Dates and Dad has printed them.

Design spec:
Size: A6 size
Picture: Istock

What do you think?

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