"" From Now Till 'I Do'...: June 2009

We're officially engaged!

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So I promised you pics.

Last month we had our engagement 'party'. We're now official and I'm no longer ringless.

The evening was more than what I expected. Much love to my girls who did a fab job on the decor and set up, my parents who brought everything together, the band, the singers. All the people who brought a dish (it was bring and share y'all!) thank you to everyone. 

It was a pre-taste of what the wedding would be like. All your family and friends together in the same place to celebrate your love. 

And yes whilst not everything went according to plan, it didn't matter at all.

It was perfect!

It's been a while...

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So it's been a while since I last blogged. Life has been busy! Tomorrow marks 100 days until the BIG day! ONE HUNDRED DAYS! Can't believe it - so much to do but very excited.

First things first - I got the job! Same role I was doing before but in a new region. So I'm now in the middle of relocating down to the Midlands. God has worked everything out perfectly and I am very grateful.

Have loads of recaps to post including our Engagement from last month which was fantastic - thank you all my girls who did a stellar job in the organisation of it all.

Sonja, Iyiola and Alex who did a great job on Engagment day!

Also a congrats to my little bro who graduated from High School last week. Was out at Deerfield Academy, MA to witness the celebration which was fab. We had fantastic weather and I met some really nice people. Have already put my kids down on their wait list for 15 years from now ;)
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