"" From Now Till 'I Do'...: Featured on Alakija.com – wedding pictures!

Featured on Alakija.com – wedding pictures!

We worked with some fantastic vendors during our wedding, one of which was Jide Alakija, our photographer.

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Jide and I have become good friends over the past year and half and Mr E and I were honoured to have him shoot our wedding. He was fantastic to work with, extremely un-intrusive and the pictures…well they speak for themselves!

Jide’s girlfriend, Ayodele was also at our wedding and caught the bouquet! They recently got engaged and I’d liked to think that we “helped”! Congratulations guys, you make a beautiful couple!

Check out my guest post on Jide's blog, where I talk about how to pick your wedding photographer. You also have an opportunity to see some of our wedding pictures too.




  1. have been looking at ur pics all day. I like all d expressions and especially the one where u were seated, i think at d certificate signing table.
    congrats babe!

  2. Welcome back Chichi.
    Your wedding pictures are beautiful, Jide really is amazing. Will be using him myself when the time comes. xxx

  3. Loved the pix!

    And the details at ur wedding were amazing!

    Love the cake and the bridesmaids dresses as well!

    Your makeup and dress were beautiful also!!!

  4. your pics are nice! I read your last post and I'm surprised to learn you grew up in England! so does that mean you can't speak Igbo and you don't have a nigerian accent? How does that affect your communication/relationship with afam with respect to cultural differences?

  5. The pics were absolutely lovely Mrs E. The guy did a wonderful job. I wish him and his spouse a good walk down the aisle and beyond too.

    - LDP

  6. Beautiful pictures Chichi. The photographer captured the day beautifully.


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