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A different path?

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Tonight at worship team practice, one of our ice breakers was the following question:

“If you could do over your life again, what would you do differently? It doesn’t have to be God related, could be vocation, behaviour etc…”

What a great question! My answer…

01. I would have spent a year studying abroad. I have seen how enriching it has been in my brother’s life, the people he has met and how it has opened his eyes to the world. He has matured so much and it has definitely been a positive experience.

02. I would chose a different career path. Over the last few years, my skills set has developed and I am now much clearer as to where my true vocation lies.

03. I would not care about the opinions of others or try to seek approval from people before making decisions. Life is not about people pleasing.

04. I would listen to the advice of those people who have been there, done that. They are placed in your life for a reason.

Only God knows where my life would be if I had taken a different path or made different decisions. But what I do know is that I am where He wants me to be right now and I am going to make the most of every opportunity that presents itself. My path led me to Mr E and I would never ever want to change that.

Life isn’t about regrets or about dwelling on the past because everything happens for a reason to make you into the person that God wants you to be.

If you could do over life again, what would you do differently?

Happy Monday! Progress…

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Thank you for all your lovely comments of support in response to last Monday's post.

Drum roll please...we have a venue!


Available on the 26th June: CHECK!

Capacity: 600 - CHECK!

Location: Manchester {parents are happy} - CHECK!

Outside catering allowed: CHECK!

On site parking: CHECK!

Within budget: CHECK!, CHECK!, CHECK!

To good to be true?

Maybe so, but like I've said in previous posts, no venue is perfect but this place ticks a lot of boxes and given the fact that we're 9 weeks away, we're lucky to have found somewhere this suitable.

Bit of background:

The place we have chosen is a 20th century, Grade II listed building which is going through restoration and renovation to be converted into an events venue. Parts of it have been modernised while still retaining its original features.

A lot of the work has been done already but it is not fully 'complete', which is where its 'non-perfectness' comes in.

On viewing last Saturday {my parents saw it earlier in the week}, I spoke to the owner who advised that what was left to do was mainly painting, laying new flooring in some areas, completing the kitchen and generally cleaning up the place, post renovation. I won't lie, this did give us cause for concern but he has assured us that everything will be completed before June.

My mum and Aunty have said that they will be on their case throughout to ensure that everything is done to our satisfaction and it will be in the contract as well. The good thing is that the owner recognises that if they do this event well, more bookings are sure to follow from people in our community, as there are not a lot of big venues in Manchester.

So where is this place you ask?

For fear of wedding crashers all I can say for now is that it is in Manchester. I will provide full disclosure and pictures AFTER the wedding. Of course our guests will know very soon!

In other news, mum and I picked out the ankara for the ase-obi {traditional 'uniform' – for an idea of what ase-obi looks like, see pics below}. I’m looking forward to all the new traditional outfits that Mr E and I will acquire over the next couple of months. I can see it now, we’re going to be one of those coordinated outfit  couples!

Anyway it’s good to know that we’re finally making progress….60 days to go.


naija wedding


CnS wedding (8)

Picture credits: (1) Facebook, (2 & 3) Unknown

Weekend Wedding Love - Family

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family - Mr Abi Yeni-Rotimi

Love this picture. ..

Weddings are about family and I am thankful that all my immediate family will be able to be there, by God’s grace. Even my brother who is at college, will be back from the States – yay!

There will also be some distant relatives who I haven’t seen in ages, who will be present.

Will be like a little family reunion!

Photo {Abi Yeni-Rotimi}

Choosing your battles...

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Often in life there are things that we want, but can let go of, if needs be. Then there are things that we really want, that no amount of reasoning or substitutes would justify not having it, because they are important to who we are as a core.

This is how I feel this way about our wedding.

I am a fairly reasonable and flexible person, as is Mr E but there are certain parts of the day, which are non negotiable with us.

Things like our ceremony, which for us is the most important aspect. There are certain elements we want to include and certain people we would like to have involved. This is important to us and a reflection of who we are as a couple.

Then there are other things which we're not overly concerned about:
- location {Birmingham or Manchester}, we will go where the best venue is.
- outfits for our traditional wedding - we won't even see them until 3 days before the wedding as they are coming from Nigeria.
- non-uniformity amongst the bridesmaids. They won't be looking like clones, but will be able to reflect their individual styles.

At the end of the day, for the sake of peace you just choose your battles and only fight for the things that are really important to you as a couple and you really want.

Anybody who tells you it's 'your day' is not being realistic. Yes its your day as you are getting married, but it is your day with a whole lot of consideration for other people. Parents have their own ideas and expectations of how their child's wedding will be. As a couple you have your own. Respectfully over time you work together to marry them into one.

So...what are your non-negotiables?

p.s. went to do the gift registry yesterday. Not as fun as I thought it would be. Walking up and down a hot department store {in heels}, was not enjoyable. I much preferred doing it online!

p.p.s. ‘Great venue search’ update coming next week.

Have a great weekend all and look out for 'Wedding Weekend Love' tomorrow!

Not pretty enough

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The wedding industry has a lot to answer for.

Besides the incessant pressure it places on you to have that wedding, you know the one I mean, straight out of The Knot or Martha Stewart Weddings. It also shows unrealistic images of how a typical bride should look or be.

Liene over at Think Splendid wrote a great post about Online Marketing and the Plus Size Bride

What are your views? I know Dawn over at Happy Nappy Bride continues to vent about the lack of black representation in wedding magazines. I couldn’t agree more.

What are your views on the blogs/magazines of vendors, photographers in particular who only show their most ‘beautiful’ work? Would that make you want to work with them?

I would love to see weddings of people from all races, all sizes because that is a true representation.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right?

Love Every Day

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Found this online from Engaged Marriage – great little ebook to help build relationships that last a life time.

Love Every Day

Parent Principles - Navigating the Relationship with Your Engaged Adult Child

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Saw this article on The First Dance and thought it would be good to share. One for the parents!

Be an elder
  • See the big picture when others lose it:  all the stakeholders, a new family is now being formed, in laws take time to understand, the couple will be married at the end of it all.
  • Keep your cool when others lose theirs
It’s not your wedding but you have a stake in it.
  • If it’s a family and community wedding, you are a player and have a voice.
  • Neither passive nor pushy be.
Money is the root of many wedding evils
  • Money is more than money; it’s about emotion, relationships, loyalty, obligation, influence, control, competition
  • Clarity, clarity, clarity (about who pays, for what, when, what if costs run higher?)
  • Money brings influence but not the power to dictate.
  • Those who do not put up money can still have influence.
  • Money should not trump relationships.
  • Don’t use money to blackmail, threat, or manipulate—or you will pay a big price.       
Know your role in decisions.  Three general roles:
  • Enthusiast (couple decide alone, e.g., rings, vows, honeymoon).  Typical response: “How nice.”
  • Adviser (expect information and input, e.g., on colour scheme, music, ceremony, and on anything you are paying for).  Typical response: “Here are some thoughts, but it’s up to you.”
  • Partner (fully involved in decision, date, guest list, and on anything you are paying for).  Typical response: “Let’s figure this out together.”

Roles will vary issue by issue and family by family, but should as clear as possible to avoid problems.  Sometimes clarity only comes after a disagreement or conflict.

Clarify roles and decision making with your spouse or co-parent
  • Don’t assume your spouse does not care, even if he/says so.
  • With ex-spouse, focus on what the next generation needs and let past grievances go.
  • Do not make threats to withdraw support or boycott, and don’t be intimidated if threats come your way.
Treat your DIL/SIL (daughter in law / son in law) and their parents/siblings as family from the first day of the engagement.
  • Develop your own relationship with them.
  • Don’t say or do anything during wedding planning that you don’t want to live with for the rest of your life.
Your relationship with your grown child has now tripled in complexity. Deal with it.
  • New loyalties, influences; more complicated decision making.
  • Major events such as the Holidays will be different.
Deal carefully with wedding conflict; there are many years ahead of you.
  • When there is conflict, blood talks to blood
  • Do not mock the ways of your new in-laws, strange though they may be
  • Impossible relatives in your family will be impossible during the wedding; plan accordingly rather than being surprised and outraged.

Happy Monday! Tension

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Woosaa!!! Breathe Chichi breathe…

Who knew wedding planning could be so wahalious {is that even a word}!

You start to think you’re making progress, then something comes at you that just sends you two steps back.

Last week was a flurry of calls, internet searches, site visits and fabulous friends dropping me texts, tweets and calls about potential venues for our wedding reception. We must have contacted every large venue in Birmingham and Manchester {if you want the list, let me know!} and in the process discovered some places we didn't even know existed, which I'm sure will prove useful for future reference.

Mr E and I saw some pretty awful places last week. Awful I tell you. Awful! Places which you soon realised why they were still available when you went to view them. We also spoke to some places who seemed to think that they were the bees knees and wanted stupid prices. One venue we visited even decided to add an extra £1000 to the hire price when we said we didn’t need their bar!

Repeat after me: we.are.not.made.of.money.

We have our preferences but have been willing to be flexible if the right place comes along. Capacity, food options and price are key factors. Every venue has its pros and its cons and you won't get a place that has everything. Guest experience is also really important to us. We want people to come, be blessed and have a good time. We don't want to have to worry about lack of food, extra seating, Aunty and Uncle getting lost on route etc etc. But at the same time we have to realistic and practical.

My two favourite phrases of last week:

When asking if they had a room available for the 26th June.

This year?!

When asking about capacity?

Is it an Asian wedding?

Apparently people don’t look for venues three months before a wedding and the only people who have big weddings are Asians! Hmmm!

Don’t mind me…the great venue hunt is getting warmer…well hot actually. We may have found a hidden gem.

I have also finished designing the wedding monograms, invitations and the guest list is all complete. We will also be setting up our gift registry this week as well!

Anyway, I hope you’re all good and had great weekends.

Here’s to a productive week!


p.s. Congrats to Stacey over at Thoughts of an All Consumed Bride who got married last Friday. She and hubby are currently sunning themselves Down Under! Hope over to her blog and wish her some newlywed love!

Weekend Wedding Love – The ‘Dress’

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Dress Twirl - Tunji Sarumi

Finding the ‘perfect’ dress is on every brides wish list.

Here are some of my tips for those of you dress hunting:

- you know your style. If you would never wear strapless in the everyday world or it doesn’t suit you, things won’t be different because the dress is white. You want to be you, but a better version and ultimately feel comfortable on your wedding day.

- if you’re between sizes always go for the bigger size when ordering. It’s easier to take a dress in than to take a dress out, plus you don’t need the added pressure of having to lose weight.

- go with people you trust to give an honest opinion. Never rely on the Sales Assistants because while the majority of them are honest with their feedback, ultimately they are a business and want to sell you a dress.

- following on from that if the SA are rude. Just leave. You are a customer who in some cases is about to make a purchase of several hundred pounds. If they can’t be polite and professional, they don’t deserve your business.

- when trying on styles, take a similar pair of shoes that you will be wearing on the day. This will give you an idea of height and whether you need to order extra inches.

- if the bridal shop will allow, bring a camera and take pictures of yourself. It’s one thing to look at yourself in the mirror, but you get a more realistic image looking at yourself in a picture. It will help you see what you will look like to others. You can also take pictures of the back and see how that looks, as your guests will spend a lot of time looking at your back!

- don’t be afraid to haggle negotiate with your bridal shop. More often than not, they will be willing to throw in some extras. I got a free veil worth £100 {£100 for a net – but hey that’s another matter} when I bought my dress.

- depending on when you’re getting married, have a look at the big department stores who have bridal sections. When the store has their sale, it will include wedding dresses as well and you can often pick up a bargain.

- finally enjoy the process and have fun! Don’t stress over finding the perfect dress. Whatever you decide to wear will be beautiful and perfect for you.

Any more dress shopping tips ladies?

{Photo - Tunji Sarumi}

Cheating amongst us

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Good Naija Girl wrote a great post On Cheating where there is this assumption that all Nigerian men are cheaters. I vehemently disagree with this statement as does she.

This was my response:

GNG you are not naive at all! 
I agree with a lot of your comments. Cheating for me = relationship over. Period. Yes we may stay together for the kids, but OUR relationship would be dead. It would take A LOT of work and prayer to get the marriage back to what it was. In marriage when you cheat you are also choosing to cheat against God too. Yes one can forgive as the bible calls us to, but trust will be broken forever!
As children of God, we are not infallible, however we have been shown God's blue print for marriage, so we should by His grace have a much higher change of success. But again this does not mean that Christians will not cheat , we are all humans, we all sin and it is sad when it happens. 
I think the majority of good men {and women} realise how much they will lose, should they ever break their marriage covenant and won't ever try it. If you truly love someone, I don't believe you will cheat on them. Besides to go from 0-60, i.e. full blown cheating does not happen instantly, it starts with small steps and its those small steps you need to look out for and protect your marriage against.
e.g. not spending lots of time with members of the opposite sex, not discussing your marriage problems with members of the opposite sex {or anyone for that matter other than your Pastors/counsellors}, don't have a work husband/wife who you share personal things with etc. 
To say all Nigerian men are cheaters is completely rubbish. It's like saying all black people live in the hood and sell drugs. It's totally ridiculous and we should stop saying it. We need to encourage and support our men. Let's speak positively into their lives. 
There are many wonderful relationships which I have witnessed but good marriages do not happen overnight. You need to work at it and work at it daily. 
Keeping the romance alive, spending time with one another, praying together and for each other are all things that will go far in protecting and building your marriage. 

Please join the discussion. What are your views on infidelity?

We're a dot com!

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We're now coming at you from a our very own custom domain.

www.fromnowtillido.com is launched today!

Please update your favourites and all you links.

We're still the same site and will continue to bring you all the relevant and useful content relating to relationships, marriage, weddings and life.

Get in touch:
email: info@fromnowtillido.com
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Thanks for reading and I hope you continue to be blessed!


Has your church let you down?

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Mr E and I go to a great church here in the Midlands. The teaching is great, the worship is excellent and there is a genuine feeling of love.

They are very supportive. They preach the gospel faithfully and live it out daily. They reach out to the community and are not afraid to tell it how it is.

Church has always been a huge part of my life. A place of refuge and support, a place to meet with and worship God. A place where I have met some wonderful people, heard teaching that has inspired my walk and have grown as a Christian. However not all my experiences of church have been great. I have been to some churches where I have felt very lonely, even when surrounded by many people. I’ve been to churches where you just don’t connect with what they are doing and Sunday feels like a robotic routine.

I don’t believe church should be like that and often than not the blame is put on the other party, we blame the church, the Pastor blames the church member. Yes sometimes there are fundamental issues which need to be addressed, but sometimes maybe we need to look inwards.

How do you feel when you go to church {this is for both regulars on non-regulars}? Do you feel loved? Part of a family? Or do you feel excluded, alone and unwanted? How should we respond to this? For those non-church goers who wanted to get married in a church, how were you related to?

I came across this article today by Kevin Deyoung - The Gospel Coalition about ‘Dealing with Disapointment with the Church’. When faced with these negative feelings and emotions, he says the following:

1. Did I ever ask for help? Pastors and elders are not omniscient. Even with the best shepherding strategies people will fall through the cracks. So if you really need help, don’t be afraid to ask for it. I know everyone wants to be noticed. But it’s hard for a dozen guys to notice five hundred or two dozen to notice two thousand. Help your leaders help you.

2. Have I overlooked opportunities to fit in and get to know people? Before you complain that you’ve been at the church six months and still don’t know anyone, think about ways you could get known in the next six months. Is there a small group you could join? Could you attend the smaller, more informal evening service? What about volunteering for the nursery next time the sign up sheet goes around? Have you tried the potlucks and picnics and prayer meetings? Giving love and being loved is 90% just showing up.

3. Is it realistic for the leaders to give to every person in this church the kind of care I expect? It’s easy to think “All I wanted was one visit. You can’t tell me they were too busy to set aside one night for my family.” But remember you aren’t the only person at the church. If the general level of care you expect from your leaders cannot be multiplied by the number of people in the church, then you may be hoping for too much. If you expect everything, you’ll always be disappointed.

4. If I really wanted to be loved and noticed why did I stop showing up? On the one hand, church leaders should know when their members have drifted away. Good shepherds keep an eye on their sheep. But on the other hand, if sheep want to be cared for by the flock, they shouldn’t stay from it. People get hurt when their church absence isn’t noticed. But I have a hard time feeling too much sympathy, unless you’re dealing with a shut-in or someone whose absence is not voluntary. Don’t run away if you want to be found.

5. Am I willing to consider that I may be at fault more than I realize? If it feels like your leaders can never do anything right, maybe you’re the one making life miserable–for them and for you.

6. Is it possible I’ve overlooked ways the body has cared for me because I was hoping a different part of the body would care for me? Sometimes church members will say, “Sure, my small group sent me cards but the pastor never called.”  Or, “Yes the pastors were very friendly to greet me after church, but no one my age ever said hello.” Or, “I know the elders care for me, but that’s their job.” Or conversely, “True, my friends prayed for me, but I never heard from my elder.” Before you get angry, remember the goal is for the body to care for the body, not for the shoulder to always get a special backrub from its favourite hand.

7. In general have I found this church and these leaders to be unloving and unsupportive? If the answer is yes, and Question 5 is dealt with too, then you may need a different church. But if the answer is no, consider giving your church and your leaders the benefit of the doubt. Maybe they just botched this one. We all get it wrong sometimes. I know I have. Maybe they were too busy and dropped the ball. Or maybe you don’t know the whole story. In any event, don’t let one misstep colour your whole impression of their ministry.

For both sheep and shepherds the indispensable requirements for living together are love and humility. Love to treat others as we want to be treated. Humility to consider how we may be at fault. Disappointment in the church is bound to happen. But it doesn’t have to destroy the unity of the body. The Lord can use our hurts to make all of us slower to speak and quicker to listen.

What are your thoughts? What is your experience of church?

If you want to read more, Kevin has further posts on the topic: Part 1 and Part 2

Team Ace

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There are so many people involved in bringing together a successful wedding, don't you know! I call them TEAM ACE (ace is our initials - cheesy I know). Each of them has a part to play in making your special day come together, it's really important that you take time to choose your team members properly.

In TEAM ACE we have:

- our church and officiant
- our reception venue
- wedding planner
- day of coordinator
- photographer
- videographer
- caterer
- designer and printer
- bridal and grooms wear
- seamstress
- cake maker
- hair and make up
- registry

Anyone who knows me, knows that I research to the end and if I need to find out something, I will be on Google quicker than you can say 'can you find..?'

We started 'planning' our wedding back in September 08 and I refused to buy any bridal magazines until the New Year, because I wanted to see how far I could get with the Internet only, plus it'a cheaper, right! I was amazed at all the things I could find. There were different websites, blogs, e-zines all about weddings, showing inspiration ideas, actual weddings, DIY projects - you name it. Some of my favourite are listed to the right of the post.

I also found that because there are no geographical boundaries online, you can get the opinions and insight from people across the Globe and are not restricted to things that are local. This really helped me when I was looking at traditional Nigerian weddings to get an idea of what to expect.

Alongside all of this, when I got engaged one of my bridesmaids bought me a wedding planning binder, which was a fantastic gift - thanks Em! It arranged all the different things you need to do into sections and allowed you to do your research, make notes and plan for your wedding. I also bought 'The Wedding Book' by Mindy Weiss, which I had seen recommended online. Mindy a world renowned Wedding and Event planner, put all her planning advice and tips down into a wedding book and I found it particularly useful especially around wedding etiquette and traditions.

(image source)
Brides to be out there -  in all of this make sure you have a clear idea what you and your fiancĂ© want for your wedding, because it will help you as you make decisions around who to work with and what is or isn't important for your special day.
Over the next couple of weeks I will be writing a 'How we chose our...' mini series - so stay tuned. Some team members won't be revealed until after the big day, but I will give you insight into how we chose them.
How did you got about choosing your 'team' members?

Happy Monday! Roundup

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Alas Monday is upon once again. It’s amazing how quickly the week seems to go these days. The great venue hunt continues and I thank you all for your advice and tips. I am confident by God’s grace we will close this deal by the end of the week. Have put together our wedding timeline, its amazing how much time you think you have – not true at all. Any tips on what projects to work on first would be appreciated. Mr E has been great, really getting involved and I value his opinion a lot!

This last week we have discovered that we have a lot of talented friends, people who have stepped up to offer their services to help with the wedding. Ever.so.grateful!

The sun has been out, a lot recently, so much so that I've had to dig out my sunglasses - yay. I even ventured out today without a coat! Bring on summer. I don't know what it is, but everyone seems to be much happier when the sun is out!

Calling all foodies - I need your recipes! I'm on the lookout for some new and interesting meals. It been a while since I did an 'In my kitchen' post and I'm desperate to get out of my rice - pasta – potato - chicken rut. Do you have any great recipes for meals I could try? I love anything spicy and they can be from any culture or country. Willing to try anything once and as ever Mr E will play the faithful guinea pig.  I will report back on his verdict with pictures of how my version turns out. 

Feel free to send me any of your favourites {sweet and savoury} to info@fromnowtillido.com or just drop a note to say hi! Love hearing from you guys.

Hope all is well - have a wonderful week!


Weekend Wedding Love: Kids

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Kids - Jide Alakija

Ah! The big kid debate.

Should they or shouldn’t they be invited.

I love children and have been to weddings where they were present and weddings where they weren’t. When your battling with huge guest lists, cutting out children seems like an easy option {and something we did consider in the early days} but having thought it through it’s not something we felt 100% comfortable with, forcing our friends to have to leave their children at home. When we floated the idea, a number of people made it clear that they wouldn’t attend if their kids weren’t invited or that they would just bring them anyway {the latter scenario I witnessed at an event last year where a guest had blatantly decided to ignore the ‘no kids’ rule and there were these two children sat at table in a sea of adults}.

I love the innocence that children bring to weddings. Their laughter, their questions, their boldness. The cute lone ranger who is the first onto the dancefloor and encourages the ‘big people’ to get their groove on. There is an atmosphere children bring that you just can’t recreate. Plus weddings are about family, children are family. It’s good for them to be there.

On the attendant side we are having a flower girl and a page boy, both of whom are under 6 years old, we cherish them dearly and have good relationships with their parents.

What’s your take on children at weddings?

Photo {Jide Alakija}

Err… this is a Nigerian Wedding

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Venue hunting is sooo frustrating.

We have several variables which we need to attain to and the fact that we’re 12 weeks away {which seems like ages} it isn’t at all. June seems to be a month where brides have booked their venues a year, even two years in advance !?!

We need a place that can take several hundred people {a small intimate gathering isn't happening anymore}, will allow external caterers, is free on the day and doesn’t cost the earth.

I was making calls on lunch break today and one conversation went like this..

Me: Hi. I’m just calling to see if you have availability on the 26th June for a wedding reception for X number of people.

Venue*: Let me check…ah yes we do. Our X room can accommodate that number. Is it an English, Jewish or Asian wedding? {apparently there are only three types of weddings these days}

Me: Neither. It is Nigerian.

Venue: Oh right? {Pause} What kind of food will you be wanting?

Me: Nigerian

Venue: Well we do offer various Caribbean options?

Me: I’m not Caribbean

Venue: Well we would have to get the Chef to see if he can make any of your dishes as we don’t allow external caterers.

Me: That would fine if I knew the food would turn out okay. There is a difference between a chef following a recipe and a Nigerian making the food themselves

Venue: Well we don’t offer the option of outside caterers for health and safely reasons

Me: Rrrright. So what happens if Chef can’t make the dishes to our standards, what are our options? Also what you will charge me for what you will call ‘exotic’ dishes will be a lot higher than what my caterer will charge me. What happens then?

Venue: We would have to decline the booking.

Me: Wow! So you’re willing to lose business because you won’t allow a Nigerian couple to have Nigerian food at their own wedding?

Venue: Yes

Me: Hmmm. Okay.

Venue: Sorry we can’t help you.

This call made me so mad! How rude! Am I overreacting? A lot of venues seem to be reacting this way. You either have to fall into the English, kosher, Asian or Caribbean category or you are not catered for and that’s after you know they have the availability but they are not willing to be flexible. Anyone else experience similar frustrations?

* National Motorcycle Museum – shame on you!!!

Making it relevant…

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I love how the Bible is so practical even today. God’s word is so fresh and relevant, you wouldn’t think you were reading a book written over 2000 years ago. 

Take Ephesians 4:25-32 - that’s relationship advice right there.

v25 No more lying. Each of you must tell the truth to one another, because we are all members together in the body of Christ


v26 If you become angry, do not let your anger lead you into sin, and do not stay angry all day


v27 Don’t give the Devil a chance


v29 Do not use harmful words, but only helpful words, the kind that build up and provide what is needed so that what you say will do good to those who hear you.


v31 Get rid of all bitterness, passion and anger. No more shouting or insults, no more hateful feelings of any sort.


v32 Instead be kind and tender-hearted to one another, and forgive one another, as God has forgiven you through Christ


These verses are great reminders of how we should live life and relate to others. What verses have spoken to you recently?

Happy Monday! So we set a date...

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For followers of my blog you will know that we had to postpone our wedding last August. While it was a tough couple of months, God has used this time to teach us a whole lot of valuable lessons. He is faithful, He has it all under control and his timing is perfect {Ecc 3:1}.

I'm delighted to announce that we now have a new wedding date!

Mr E and I will tying the knot on June 26th 2010.

12 weeks from now we say our vows in front of our family and friends. It's all very exciting and there is lots to do but I thank God that everything is finally coming together.

You may remember this post, well we now have option B, with a few enhancements. Fundamentally we have been given the opportunity and responsibility to organise the church wedding ourselves. My dad's words,
'this will be your first project together and we should allow you to do it'. 
This is huge turnaround and very liberating. Both parents have said they will not offer any unsolicited advice but are there if we need them and will be praying for us.

82 days and counting...


Weekend Wedding Love – Daddy’s girl

6 Things the people are saying
Daddy's girl - Tunji Sarumi

I'm not really a daddy's girl but I am looking forward to my dad walking me down the aisle and giving me away.

We have a family friend who told me he dreads the day he will have to give his daughter away {he only has one}. Not because he doesn't want to see her get married but because he loves her very much and it will be such a big thing to let her go. He just wants to make sure she will looked after.

I often wonder what it must be like for a father {or mother} when the time comes for them to let go and give their daughter away to another man.

It must be tough.

{Photo - Tunji Sarumi}

Celebrating Good Friday

3 Things the people are saying

This song has been on my heart all week. I just love the lyrics.

In the quiet, in the stillness
I know that You are God
In the secret of Your presence
I know there I am restored
When You call I won't refuse
Each new day again I'll choose
There is no one else for me
None but Jesus
Crucified to set me free
Now I live to bring Him praise

Today is Good Friday. A day to remember the amazing sacrifice God made for us, in allowing His son to die for our sins so that we can free.

Will you live to give him praise?

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