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Thanks for all your comments on last week's post. You've given me a couple of extra things to think about for when I begin recaps.

Just to give you a life update, we're currently in the process of moving and so internet access is very sporadic at the moment {this post is a blackberry special}. I've not really had an opportunity to sit down and put my recaps posts together as I would like to and I'm desperate to start them!

I also want to include wedding pictures in the posts which I can't do from my phone, so recaps will be starting in September {which is only next week - can you believe!!!}.

Summer is almost over...boo hoo but my favourite season is about to begin! Woo!

Autumn...full of woolly coats, knee boots and chunky jumpers. Kids back to school and new starts all round...love it!

What's your favourite season and why do you love it?

P.s. Happy Birthday Mum! Love you loads x

Missing other people's weddings

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Two words...It sucks.

This weekend is the wedding of one of Mr E's childhood friends and next weekend is the wedding of one of my work colleagues.

Both couples came to our wedding, but unfortunately we are not able to attend theirs due to moving house.

What does one do in these situations? We will still be giving them gifts but it's not really the same, is it?

Anyone else been in the same boat, what did you do?

p.s. To E + K who got married today - Congratulations! We're so sorry we can't be there. We hope your day was wonderful and we wish you many wonderful married years ahead.


"The List" a view from 'H'

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Do you have a list?

C'mon now every girl {and guy} does.

What's on yours?

Check out this post by H which I found today, where she talks about her list.

Also wish her a Happy Birthday {hopefully it's not too late!} :)


Happy Monday! Reflections...

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Howdy all! Hope you all had a great weekend.

So I've been thinking how to start wedding recaps and what format to take. A lot of people tend to do chronologically recaps but I've been thinking that I want to switch it up a little and focus on themes. Themes around things I've learnt and things I want to pass onto those coming up behind.

So Enter...Reflections which will be the series over the next fortnight or so where I will fill you on my wedding learns, hints and tips. Things I would do again, things I wouldn't and things I wish we did.

Aside from being late, I have no major regrets. The day was wonderful and we will always remember it as our day. I will be completely honest but at the same time put things into perspective.

If there is anything in particular you would like me to recap about or cover, please drop me a line in comments and I will do my best to include it, if not already included.

Have a great week!

Wedding Wishes to Amy!

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Sending wedding wishes to the lovely Amy over at Making Mrs Mauritz who gets married today.

Amy, wishing you and Jonathon a beautiful day today and very blessed married life together!


Disjointed life

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They say that getting married, moving house and changing jobs are one of the top three stressful things to happen in your life and that's separately. So imagine them happening simultaneously. This is my life right now.

Making adjustments post marriage, well things have just been busy. Living out of a suitcase while navigating my way through new roles and responsibilities {personally and professionally}, undertaking multiple house viewings...life feels so unsettled.

I haven't had much access to the internet since we got back, hence why you haven't seen in post in over a week. This post is a Blackberry special, so excuse typos and such like! I haven't even updated Facebook with pictures from our Nigeria trip which friends keep asking to see or collected our wedding gifts from our Gift Registry, which goes to show how busy and disjointed life is at the moment.

I am not complaining by any means because I have a lot to be thankful for. I love my new job and I relish being able to see Mr E every day which might not seem like a big deal, but it is for us.

But...and its a big but...I just want to reach a period of stability. A time where I can wake up every morning and look across the bed to see my husband and eat breakfast together, where that bed is our bed in our own house and that food is our food, from our own kitchen. Not the hotel, which as 'nice' as it is, is just not quite home.

Featured on Alakija.com – wedding pictures!

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We worked with some fantastic vendors during our wedding, one of which was Jide Alakija, our photographer.

Alakija tweet

Jide and I have become good friends over the past year and half and Mr E and I were honoured to have him shoot our wedding. He was fantastic to work with, extremely un-intrusive and the pictures…well they speak for themselves!

Jide’s girlfriend, Ayodele was also at our wedding and caught the bouquet! They recently got engaged and I’d liked to think that we “helped”! Congratulations guys, you make a beautiful couple!

Check out my guest post on Jide's blog, where I talk about how to pick your wedding photographer. You also have an opportunity to see some of our wedding pictures too.



I’m Back!!!

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Well August is here and my month long break is over!  It has been lovely having some time off as life has been very busy behind the scenes.

Thank you to all my guest bloggers who manned the fort excellently in my absence. I hope you enjoyed reading their posts, I know I did. A very warm welcome to all my new readers.

Many people have asked me, what am I going to do with the blog now that I have said 'I do'. Will I continue blogging? Will I stop?

Well as I have always said, I love blogging. I have learnt so much about myself, have grown in so many ways and seen God teach me many lessons. I love the opportunities blogging affords and the people it has connected me to. So for now...I will be continuing. My slant will change a little, now that I am married but it will still be the same Chichi writing away!

So where do I begin...

Well God has been so good to us. The job I told you, I had an interview for just before the wedding, well I got it! I start tomorrow and it finally means that Mr E and I will be in the same city together. We start flat hunting this week and by the month end should be settled in our new home.

We have also just returned from Nigeria, which was my first trip over there {not technically, I went when I was one year old, but I can’t remember it}. I had such an amazing time and met loads of my husbands family and got to understand his roots and know more about who he is and his history. I spent the majority of my time in Kaduna and kept a little journal of my visit, so will share more of the trip with you over the coming weeks. Look out for “Naija Diaries”!

Our wedding was over a month ago, can you believe. There are lots of wedding recaps I would like to share, so again over the coming weeks I will fill you all in.

For now I will leave you with two pictures from our trip.

It's nice to be back!


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