"" From Now Till 'I Do'...: On This Your First Father’s Day

On This Your First Father’s Day


On this your first Father’s Day… I want to tell you just how proud of you I am.

Fatherhood has come so naturally to you and as I watch the bond the two of you share, I am so grateful to God for your relationship. You really are her first love and I pray that it remains so.

My own personal father-daughter relationship has been challenging at times, but my experiences only makes me appreciate what you do and who you are you even more.

You consciously make the effort to buck the mould, REJECTING the stereotypes that society try to enforce as a black father. Instead you carve out your own blueprint for practical biblical fatherhood, understanding the importance of spending time, being hands on and giving of yourself 100% regardless.

Thank you for walking the walk in fatherhood.

Thank you for showing your love practically.

Thank you for being a wonderful father to our daughter. She is blessed to call you Daddy.

Happy Father’s Day!

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