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Helping yourself

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God is always on the alert, constantly on the look out for people who are totally committed to him.

You were foolish to go for human help when you could have had God’s help. Now you’re in trouble.

2 Chronicles 16:9

In the book of Chronicles we read the story of King Asa who found himself in a bit of a bind with the King of Israel and rather than go to God for help he decided to rely on his own actions.

King Asa wasn’t a bad person, in fact in verse 2 of the same chapter, it says that he was a ‘good king’ and ‘did things right in God’s eyes’. Previously when faced with opposition he committed it to God and God delivered him.

However as soon as he stopped trusting God and decided to take action into his own hands, things started to go wrong for him and he started to lose battles. You would have thought that Asa would have learned his lesson but in verse 12, the bible tells us ‘he was crippled by a severe foot disease, but even then he did not turn to the Lord for help, but to the doctors’. Two years later he died.

Do you find yourself looking for help in the wrong places?

How many times have you attempted to fix a problem or situation without bringing it before God first.

Are you seeking God’s help in all things or are you attempting to help yourself.

God will stick with you as long as you stick with him. If you look for him he will let himself be found; but if you leave him he’ll leave you’ {2 Chronicles 15:2}

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Blog Birthday Giveaway with CSN Stores

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To celebrate two years of blogging on From Now Till I Do, I have teamed up with CSN stores to host a giveaway for you my dear readers. 


CSN Stores have amazing online stores where you can find everything from great cookware and chic lighting pieces to beautiful bedroom furniture! If you’re like me and love all things home, this giveaway is for you.

The prize is for a £25 {$35} gift voucher to use on any of their sites.


You need to:

- ‘Like’ From Now Till I Do on Facebook or follow us on Google Friend Connect {if you’re following or like us already – kudos, one less step for you to do!}

- Comment here or on our Facebook page saying what you would use the voucher for

That’s it!


Will be selected using random.org on March 1st 2011 and will be posted here and also emailed.

Please be sure that you have a valid email address on your profile or relay it within the comment section. The winner will have 48 hours to respond, or another winner will be chosen.

Giveaway open to UK/US/Canada residents only.

{UK Prize £25, US/Canada Prize $35}








Two years and counting

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Two years and counting

Today marks two years since I started this blog.

When I look back and read through old posts, sometimes I cry, sometimes I laugh but overwhelmingly I feel incredibly blessed and grateful to God for how far he has brought me.

This time last year I was in a completely different place and even though my life has changed and moved in so many directions, it has all been for the greater good and I can God’s hand over my life and how I have grown.

This coming year I want to bring more consistency to the blog particularly around the frequency of posts but most importantly with the content that I write.

For me this will mean more posts about relationships, preparing for marriage {from a singles perspective but also those in relationships} and practical ways to build and maintain a strong marriage and Godly home. I will still include my cooking posts every now and then and for all things wedding related that will now move to here.

My prayer is that you remain encouraged and blessed as I continue to share with you the things laid upon my heart and the lessons that I am learning.

Thank you for reading!

Stay blessed,

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Love, giveaways and getting ready for marriage

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Hi folks!

Just pop on today to say a big thank you to Myne Whitman who also featured our love story this week on her blog. It is slightly different to the one on AfroElle as I focus more on our marriage now and what it means to me. So feel free to have a read.

In other news, next week is two years for the blog (can you believe it!) and I will be hosting my first ever giveaway (yay!). If you’re about making your house a home – look out for it!

I will also be starting a new series about preparing for marriage which focuses on getting ready in six key areas:




Past relationships



If you’re single and are seeking God for a spouse, this series is for you. If you're in a relationship, on your road to marriage, this is for you also!

Finally, my best friend SB has launched her own blog as she documents her journey of weight loss. She would welcome your support and encouragement, so pop over and say hello.

See you Monday!

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How I met your mother

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So one day, Afam and I will sit down with our kids to tell them how mummy and daddy met.

I remember my parents telling me their story and it was funny hearing how they 'courted' back in the day. Love stories are great because they remind you of how far you have come.

Being Valentine week and in the spirit of love stories, if you've ever wanted to know how we met, hop over to AfroElle where our love story is being featured this month.



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Up and down. Up and down.

Marriage is a bit like a seesaw.

In our marriage we have days when it’s simply heaven on earth. The love, companionship, support and friendship. The inside jokes, Saturday morning pancakes and snuggling up to the Neighbours omnibus {yes we love our Australian soaps}. I truly cherish it and appreciate marriage for what it is. Marriage is good.

And then there are days when there are arguments and differences and you wonder to yourself, who is this person?

Like a seesaw it takes two to make it work. A seesaw with just one person contributing isn't fun at all. Neither is marriage. Both of us need to fully participate to enjoy the ride.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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Love. Actually.

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love ring 


There is a song by Hillsong, called Hosanna which has a line that goes:

'show me how to love like you love me'.

I love this line so much because it reminds me just how much God loves me and just how far short I fall in my love for others. You only need to take a look at 1 Corinthians 13 to understand the kind of love I am referring to.

As Valentine's Day approaches it can be all to easy to focus on the world's idea of love. The superficial love. The love controlled by emotion. The love with no depth. But rather let us focus on real love.

The love the Father has for us.

The selfless love of family and friendship.

The sacrificial love of marriage.

That is real love.

Lord show me how to love, like you love me.

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Round up

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Cannot believe we have said goodbye to January and February is in full swing! How has your first month of 2011 been?

Afam and I joined a new life group with church this week and it was such a blessing. They really get into the word and people shared so many great testimonies of what God has done for them and their families. For me, I love hearing about what God has done for people because there is no denying His power!

On a totally unconnected note, I finally have my wedding dress back in my possession. It was kindly being stored by a good friend in Manchester and then another good friend brought it down to London for me. The dress has so many good memories, but it also takes up a lot of room, so I would like to sell it. I'm just working out the logistics and the best place to do it but I will be looking to sell for around 50% of what I bought it. Considering it has only been worn once, I think that would be a fair price. I will do a post on here with all the details very soon.

Today I received my new business cards for Matrimony Boulevard, which I ordered from Moo. Designing something on screen and then seeing them in print are two totally different things, but they've come out well and I really like them. {If you're getting married soon and are looking for assistance with your planning, coordination on the day or even wedding stationery, do get in touch. Would love to talk to you! Also if you need business cards, Moo are fab!}

This weekend I will be exploring some new dishes in the kitchen, courtesy of one of my colleagues and a few recipes I found online. I want to increase our menu options and move away from the typical Nigerian meals all the time. There is so much out there and I want us to be a bit more adventurous. Here's to culinary experiments!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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