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Baby names and menus

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Just popping in to say hi! Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

Ours was good but went far too quickly. I spent Sunday with a group of church mums and mums-to-be talking babies, pregnancy, labour and marriage. It was great to be able to ask questions and hear other people’s experiences about life on the other side! Hubs was doing the same with the dads in another location.

Can you believe it I’m now in the final trimester – woo! This is the final stretch and as each day passes I can’t wait to meet our little one. We’ve been praying about names and we’re pretty much there, but it remains top secret until she is born. We also just love sitting and watching her move around in my belly, which is a lot a the moment. As I commented on Facebook, watching your belly move on it own is both awesome and weird! But I love it!

Right now I definitely ‘feel’ pregnant. Backache is no joke and I find I can only sit down or stand up for short intervals of time and there is still 13 weeks to go! My body feels so heavy and I’m finding that I get a lot more exhausted which I expected would happen but it still takes adjusting to.

Home wise, I think I’ve finally found my routine. We now have a menu which we follow and it makes meal times so much easier. I know the best shops to go to for our food items and I’m also trying to make big meals at the weekend which we can eat in the week and for lunch at work, so this reduces the amount of nights I have to cook.  I’m so looking forward to next year where I will have the opportunity to be at home full time with baby and experiment more with my culinary skills (more ‘In my kitchen’ posts)  and crafty abilities (my sewing machine is on standby!) It will be a big change to life right now, but I am so ready for it.

I will also be updating the vlogs this week as well, so look out for weeks 26 and 27 very soon.

Have a great week ahead!

I will wait for you

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I was sent this YouTube video link by a dear reader (thank you Oma).

I was blessed.

For you ladies waiting on God and waiting for your ‘One’, please watch this video and be blessed also.

Have a great week!

26 weeks and summer sun in autumn

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So we had our 26 weeks appointment today, which went really well.

At our hospital you see a different midwife every time you go and sometimes can be a bit hit and miss, but today our midwife was lovely and answered all my pre-planned questions before I had a chance to ask them. All my stats are good and things are progressing as they should. I asked whether I would need to take the glucose intolerance test at 28 weeks and she said no and that it wasn’t compulsory, only if you were at risk – so that was good to hear. She gave me all the details to register for my antenatal classes, which I will do next week.

I’m so glad it’s Friday. It’s my favourite day of the week and a  chance to wind down, relax and look forward to two days off.

Apparently it’s going to be another hot weekend. Yay for summer sun in October!

Have a good one!

Who did you learn the most from?

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The is so much information out there and so many avenues for you to learn and absorb information. It can be hard to decipher what is good and what is not.

From books to antenatal classes. From speaking to new mums or speaking to your own mum. Everyone has their own advice and way of doing things.

Whenever I get overwhelmed by the information overload,  I remind myself that women have been having babies for years, in many different environments and all has been well.

Women had babies before the internet was invented and before books were printed and their babies turned out just fine.

Sometimes on the job training is life’s best teacher.


Daddy Time

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On Sunday hubs felt baby kick for the first time. For me it’s a daily party down there, but it was nice to finally share the love!

I love being able to feel her movements and kicks. It’s that gentle reassurance that all is well and now we can feel it from the outside it’s extra nice!

Yesterday hubs went to a meeting at church specially for dads and dads to be. A couple of guys thought it would be a good idea for them to get together regularly to share their experiences of pregnancy, labour and parenthood. Pass on the knowledge so to speak. They recognised that there is a lot of support available for mums but not a lot for dads, so wanted to set something up.

Personally I think it’s a great idea and hubs thought so too. He said he learnt loads and found it really beneficial and practical.

There’s nothing like learning first hand from experience, with no sugar coating!


25 weeks 4

25 weeks and counting…third trimester we shall meet very soon!

Pinning for inspiration

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So I have just discovered Pinterest and how I love thee.

For those who have never heard about it, Pinterest is like a virtual pinboard where you can go and bookmark images you see online to come back to at a later date. They can be pictures of anything; food you like, quotes you’ve seen, things that inspire you etc.

I am currently using it to get bedroom and nursery inspiration as well as innovative ways to organise our home.  It’s a great place to store images of things you like when you’re browsing sites.

To use Pinterest, you need an invite, which I would be happy to send to anyone who asks for one in the comment section below.

How lush is this nursery btw!

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