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Just checking in with you guys. Hope you're all good.

Have been enjoying my blogging maternity leave and have lots to fill you in on!

Hoping to be back to my regular blogging schedule from April.

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Seeing in another year

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Today is my birthday!

When I look back on the year, A LOT has happened and I have been blessed with so much. Equally there have been challenges and lessons learnt, but through it all, God has been my constant.

This past year I have grown in age, grown in my faith, grown in my marriage and grown as a family.

I thank God for giving me another 365 days (or 366 in this case) and I plan to live each of them to the fullest!


It has been a bit quiet on the blog as of late.

I have wanted to write, but the very valuable commodity that is time, has been reallocated to a precious little girl who wants my full attention and things like having a shower or eating food haven taken precedent over blogging. Equally she had her Dedication at church last week, so it has been very busy around here with guests and such like.

My birth story is still sat in Drafts and unlike Amy who has been super efficient in posting her birth story (which was beautiful btw), it may be a while before it is ‘live’. I will try though, although if you know me in real life, you would have heard it already.

My MIL left on Sunday and this week it has just been me and Miss S. We are adjusting and I have slowly begun to realise that I can’t do everything and some things just have to be. But I am enjoying it and each day I learn more. I also had the opportunity to meet up with other mummy friends which has been fun. We all used to meet when we were pregnant so it was good to come together with our babies and share our stories.

I hope to be back more regularly, very soon.

Have a great weekend!

Picture - Me circa 1987

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