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    Science and technology

    Application and introduction of PUR hot melt adhesive coating compound machine

    Pur hot melt adhesive coating compound machine
    What is pur hot melt coating compound machine? Definition of PUR hot-melt adhesive coating and laminating machine: pur hot-melt adhesive coating and laminating machine is a kind of solid soluble polymer that does not need solvent, does not contain water and is 100% soluble. It is a solid at room temperature. When it is heated and melted to a certain extent, it becomes a liquid adhesive that can flow and has a certain viscosity. The pur hot-melt adhesive is coated on the base material, and then another base material and the glued base material are compounded in one Equipment.
    The Chinese full name of PUR (polyurethane reactive) is moisture curing reactive polyurethane hot melt adhesive, also known as moisture curing reactive polyurethane hot melt adhesive compounding machine, or PUR hot melt adhesive compounding machine.
    Due to this process, PUR hot melt adhesive coating and laminating machine does not need drying equipment and has low energy consumption: it does not contain solvent (hot melt adhesive is 100% solid component) and has no pollution, and the operators will not be exposed to a large amount of formaldehyde due to cleaning the residual adhesive. Compared with the traditional solvent (oil glue) and water-soluble adhesive, it effectively solves the inherent disadvantages of the traditional process and is an ideal production tool for the renewal of the compound machine industry.
    When the solvent type and water-based adhesives solidify, they need an oven (or may need to renovate the existing oven) and occupy more workshop space. At the same time, increasing the energy consumption of the factory will produce more waste water and sludge. The production and operation requirements are more stringent. The disadvantages of the solvent adhesive are obvious, which is very non-environmental (most of the solvents are harmful). With the improvement of people's environmental awareness and the establishment and improvement of relevant laws, the application of solvent based adhesives is declining at a certain rate every year. Water based adhesives have the disadvantages of poor water resistance, poor electrical properties, long drying time and large energy consumption. Its application is also declining at a certain rate every year Pur hot-melt adhesive has stable performance, high utilization rate of raw materials, fast production speed, high yield and equipment occupation
    With the advantages of small land area and small investment, it has the trend to replace solvent adhesive gradually.
    Dongguan Yonggao Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional R &amp; D and manufacturing enterprise specialized in the mechanical equipment such as pur hot melt adhesive coating and laminating machine, PUR Hot melt Adhesive laminating machine, Hot melt adhesive laminating machine, hot melt adhesive film laminating machine, leather paste microfiber laminating machine (leather paste microfiber laminating machine). Relying on the progress of science and technology, the enterprise establishes and improves the product R &amp; D, production and installation, and testing Sales, maintenance service system, products are favored by the market.
    I. equipment and working principle
    Working principle of equipment and components of PUR hot melt adhesive coating compound machine
    Pur hot melt glue machine (abbreviated as pur hot glue machine) equipment: it is a kind of equipment that can melt the solid pur hot melt glue, and transport the melted glue into liquid state through the pressure device to the glue coating device for coating the substrate Set precise temperature control function, fluid pressure transport function and extrusion coating function in one of the mechanical and electrical equipment. In addition, it has the function of automatic control and automatic tracking of production line speed.
    Main engine: it has the functions of heating and heat preservation, melting glue liquid, outputting glue liquid, controlling glue liquid pressure, primary filtration, etc. the temperature of main engine should be controlled at 5-10 degrees higher than the melting point temperature of glue liquid, so that it has certain fluidity and more accurate pressure control.

    Throat: it has the function of heating, heat preservation and guiding the glue liquid. It can output the liquid hot melt glue from the host machine to the gun base module. The temperature can be kept slightly higher than the melting point of the glue liquid.

    Gun seat: it has the functions of heating and heat preservation, secondary filtration, conveying glue liquid to gun body, heating compressed air as required, and properly increasing temperature according to the glue spraying effect. Make the glue liquid flow better.
    Gun body: it has the function of opening and closing the glue liquid, and matching various nozzles and scraping nozzles according to the needs to meet the needs of users. There are spiral spray guns, coating scraping guns, fiber spray guns, Z-shaped spray guns, point guns and so on.
    Automatic compensation control system: with output signal control solenoid valve, the compressed air controlled by the solenoid valve drives the gun body to control the opening and closing of glue. And output 0-10V DC voltage control frequency converter with
    The motor turns. The output voltage is directly proportional to the speed of the production line under test. Online adjustment of glue position and breaking length
    And tracking voltage. There are proximity switch, rotary encoder and so on.
    Pur hot-melt adhesive is generally referred to in the industry. In fact, there are many types of hot-melt adhesive, including EVA, PA, PES, PUR, pressure-sensitive adhesive hot-melt adhesive, etc.
    II. Features of PUR hot melt adhesive
    The main component of PUR hot-melt adhesive is isocyanate polyurethane prepolymer. The adhesion and toughness (elasticity) of PUR can be adjusted, and it has excellent adhesion strength, temperature resistance, chemical corrosion resistance and aging resistance.
    1. Pur hot melt adhesive is a solid. When heated to a certain degree, it is melted into a liquid and coated on the base material. It will not dissolve again after curing.
    2. Moisture curing, no drying process, fast energy saving; the rubber layer has certain flexibility, hardness and toughness.
    3. Excellent initial strength, crosslinking and curing function, and higher final bonding strength;
    4. Single component type, easy for industrial automation, mechanized operation and high production efficiency.
    5. Because the product itself is solid, it is convenient for packaging, transportation and storage.
    6. It does not contain any organic solvent, solid content is 100%, pollution-free, non-toxic, green and environmental protection.
    7. Excellent heat resistance, water resistance, chemical resistance, durability, etc.
    8. As well as the advantages of simple production process, high added value, high viscosity and strength, and high speed, etc., it is favored.

    9. Hot melt adhesive has stable performance, high utilization rate of raw materials, fast production speed


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