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    Welcome: Jiangsu SangDion Machinery Co., Ltd.
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    Science and technology

    Bridge type Adhesive tape laminating machine



    1. This machine is suitable for coating oily or water-based pressure sensitive adhesives on release paper, cotton paper and other substrates. After drying, it is compounded with sponge, PE, EVA, cloth and other web or roll materials. It is mainly used for production. Adhesive labels, double-sided tape, foam tape, duct tape, kraft paper tape, masking tape, fiber tape, etc.

    2. Mainly used raw materials:

    1) Substrate: release paper (silicone paper), cotton paper, film (BOPP, CPP), etc.

    2) Glue: oily or water-based pressure sensitive adhesive. Solvent type.


    1. Tension control system: The whole machine winding and unwinding is controlled by magnetic powder tension control system.  2. Each set of EPC gas-liquid automatic correcting devices (three sets) is provided in the unwinding frame, the winding frame and the drying tunnel.

    3. Oven safety system: When the oven temperature reaches the set temperature, the heating is automatically stopped. When the temperature is lower than the set temperature, the temperature is automatically increased, and the interlock circuit of the exhaust system and the heating system is set to improve the safety of production. reliability.

    4, energy-saving oven: the oven uses external electric hair dryer to dry, excellent thermal insulation performance, low energy consumption, uniform heat, the application of intelligent digital display PID thyristor temperature control system, high temperature control accuracy.


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