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    Maintenance of hot melt compound machine

    Maintenance of hot melt compound machine

    Jiangsu xinlilong Intelligent Machinery Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the production and processing of compound machine, cutting machine and other products, and its technical performance index reaches the advanced level of similar products. Product R &amp; D has established a sound R &amp; D, production and installation, testing and sales, tracking service system. "Jiangsu xinlilong" brand machinery has formed a variety of cutting, hot stamping and other products, which can be widely used in shoemaking, luggage, leather and other industries. The products are favored by domestic and foreign merchants. Leading products: Hot melt Adhesive laminating machine, laminating machine, and other series of products, known as composite machinery experts.
    Before the maintenance of the hot melt glue machine, the manufacturer of the compound machine must first cut off the power supply on the hot melt glue machine and the main power supply connected to the outside world, and shall not operate with electricity. When carrying out disassembly and maintenance work, workers should not wear earrings, watches, necklaces, bracelets and other conductive decorations to prevent accidents.
    Only qualified personnel can repair and maintain the hot melt glue machine. In any case, do not touch the wire connector or other components with wire connection that may be exposed to the outside at will. Safety gloves, goggles and long sleeved overalls must be worn for maintenance and repair of Hot melt adhesive laminating machine to avoid scalding of body parts by high temperature liquid hot melt adhesive or by high temperature component surface.
    Do not dismantle, check and adjust any parts on the hot melt adhesive machine unless you have sufficient knowledge of the equipment performance. Do not disassemble or repair the hot melt glue machine equipment alone unless there are other personnel nearby for assistance, and in case of accident, mechanical damage or personal injury, they can be immediately given help or first aid. In case of leakage of air pressure or hot melt glue machine, do not continue to operate and use the hot melt glue machine. First, stop the hot melt glue machine, cut off the power supply, and reduce the operating pressure to zero before maintenance.
    When loosening or installing the pressure joint, make sure that the pressure of the pressure air supply for the hot melt glue machine has been reduced to zero. When cleaning the hot-melt glue cylinder, avoid using fireworks or sharp hard tools to avoid scratching the Teflon non stick coating inside the glue cylinder. Before removing or moving the protective device on the hot melt glue machine or replacing the element, the power supply must be cut off. If possible, try to stand on the plastic blanket for maintenance. Never carry out maintenance work on the hot melt glue machine in the flooded floor or very humid environment.

    The above content is only for your reference and study. I hope it can help you. I have a complete and scientific quality management system. I have been recognized by the industry with integrity, strength and product quality. I sincerely welcome friends from all walks of life and new and old merchants to visit, guide and negotiate with us, and discuss the great cause of economic development!


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