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    Large wall plate type

    • Pur hot melt adhesive laminating machine
    Pur hot melt adhesive laminating machine

    Pur hot melt adhesive laminating machine

    • Commodity No.: 201911011001
    • Gluing method: gluing by pressing plate
    • Door panel: customized
    • Total power: 32.5kw
    • Product description: Pur hot melt adhesive laminating machine. Pur, hot melt coating machine



    Pur Hot melt Adhesive laminating machine, hot melt adhesive coating machine
    Application and introduction of pur
    Hot melt adhesive is the abbreviation of hot melt adhesive. It does not use any solvent in production and application. It is non-toxic, tasteless and does not pollute the environment. It is known as "green adhesive", especially suitable for continuous production line.
    1. Hot melt adhesive for fabric
    It is mainly used in the production of clothing, shoes, hats, dustproof, moisture permeable, protective and furniture. The clothing with the adhesive not only has a crisp and full appearance quality, but also has the characteristics of natural flatness after washing and wearing without ironing. The shoes and caps made of this glue are light and airy, and have good shape retention. It is especially used in the shoemaking industry. It also has the advantages of wearing comfortable and reducing the smell of shoes. The technical specifications of the hot melt adhesive for this purpose are as follows:
    Appearance: white or yellowish granular or powdery.
    Melting point: 105-115 ℃; melt index: 18-22g / 10min (160 ℃);
    Loose density: 0.48-0.52g/cm3; rest angle: 30-35 degrees;
    Bonding strength: ≥ 1.5-2.0kg/25mm; washability: ≥ 5 times.
    This kind of hot-melt adhesive can be divided into polyamide (PA), polyester (PES), polyethylene (lope and HDPE) and polyester amide (PEA). This kind of adhesive has passed five achievements appraisal, completed the national "Seventh Five Year Plan" and Hebei "Eighth Five Year Plan" research projects, and won one national invention award, one Tianjin and three Hebei Science and technology achievement awards, and three national invention patents.
    2. At present, hot-melt adhesive is used for packaging and bookbinding of food, beverage, instant noodles, cigarettes, beer, medicine, etc. most of the packages are sealed with hot-melt adhesive through the sealing machine. The book binding industry has abolished the old line and nail binding and changed to hot-melt adhesive bonding technology, which not only improves the binding quality, but also greatly accelerates the binding speed. The technical specifications of hot melt adhesive for this purpose are as follows:
    Packaging book publishing
    Appearance white granular light yellow flake
    Melting point (℃) 70-84 65-78
    Viscosity 2500-3500 5500-6500
    Hardness 78-82 65-75
    Curing speed 3-50-20
    3. Hot melt pressure-sensitive adhesive
    It is mainly used for women's sanitary napkins, children's diapers, hospital bed cushions, incontinence products for the elderly, etc. Especially the latter, with the aging of population structure in China. In the future, the demand for incontinence products for the elderly will increase rapidly. The technical specifications of the hot melt adhesive for this purpose are as follows:
    Shape: white or yellowish block viscoelastic, solid
    Melting point: 80-90 ℃ bonding strength: 2.0-2.5lg/25mm
    Health requirements: tasteless, non-toxic, non irritating to the skin.
    4. Multi purpose solvent hot melt adhesive
    In the production of many products, such as: hot-melt transfer printing, liquid crystal material sealing, wallpaper anti-counterfeiting, calligraphy and painting mounting, computer printing, food production date typing, wire and cable coding, etc., are all the properties of hot-melt adhesive. However, it is not allowed to use the existing granular or powdery dosage forms, and it is not necessary to make it liquid in the presence of suitable solvents, and coating it on a certain substrate to obtain a thin and uniform adhesive Membrane can be used in the production of the next process. Due to the different kinds of solute (hot melt adhesive), a variety of solvent hot melt adhesives can be prepared.
    5. Hot melt adhesive for furniture edge sealing
    China is a country lacking in wood. Except for a small number of high-grade furniture using solid wood, most of the general furniture is made of fiberboard, shaving or sawdust board. The edge of the furniture board must be bonded with hot-melt adhesive to increase the aesthetic feeling, which is similar to solid wood furniture. The technical specifications of the hot melt adhesive for this purpose are as follows:
    Appearance: white or yellowish granular or rod-shaped.
    Melting point: 70-84 ℃; viscosity: 45000-75000 (180 ℃)
    Relative hardness: 70-80%; curing speed: 8-12 seconds.
    Application and introduction of pur
    Technical parameters of PUR hot melt compound machine:
    Working cloth width:
    Mechanical spokes:
    Equipment line speed:
    0~30 m/min
    Equipment size (L * w * h):
    9900×3300×3200 mm
    Heat transfer oil heating power:
    24kw and 12KW adjustable hot oil circulation 180 ℃ (max)
    Total power of equipment:
    Power supply:
    380V 50Hz
    Total weight of equipment:
    Equipment characteristics of PUR hot melt compound machine:
    Programmable PLC design and human-computer interface control are adopted for the operation of PUR hot melt compound machine. The operation is humanized, maintenance is simple, tension-free discharge device is equipped with heating circulation system, which is convenient to control the temperature rise and fall and stability of glue. The center coiling or surface selection mode can be adopted for the fitting materials and finished products as required. The gluing mode can be divided into two options: dispensing and overall coating.
    Features of PUR hot melt compound machine:
    The pur hot-melt adhesive used does not contain solvent, which is an ideal green glue;
    There is no residual solvent in the products, no pollution and emission problems in the production, saving energy and occupying a small area;
    The process of composite wet solid reaction is irreversible, and the adhesive is firm and washable;
    Pur hot melt adhesive does not contain water and solvent, does not need to be dried, and has a fast compounding speed;
    Strong stickiness, less glue consumption and cost saving;
    The whole linkage control of the composite process, no stretching of the base material, light and soft, good hand feel;
    The heat source is oil heat, fast heating and even heat;
    The melt glue system is independent, and the full speed of melt glue is fast;
    Dot like mesh gluing, good air permeability and strong three-dimensional feeling;
    Humanized design of the machine saves operators;
    With a small amount of diversified production design, cost saving and digital control system, the operation is better.
    Operation precautions of PUR hot melt compound machine:
    The operator can operate the equipment only after he is fully familiar with the performance and working principle of the machine. This equipment must be operated by specially assigned person. Non operators are not allowed to open or move it randomly.
    Before production, check whether cables, breakers, contactors, motors and other electrical appliances meet the requirements.
    Before production, check whether the three-phase power supply is balanced. It is strictly prohibited to start the equipment without phase.
    During the production period, check whether the rotary joints are safe, whether the pipeline is smooth, whether there is damage and oil leakage, and remove them in time.
    Before production, the hot oil engine must be turned on, and the production can only be started when the temperature rises to the temperature required by the process. Before production, check whether the pressure of each barometer is normal and whether there is air leakage in the air circuit, and repair it in time
    Before production, check the fastening condition of each connection to see if it is loose or falling off, and repair it in time.
    Before large-scale production of equipment, small-scale test shall be done first, and large-scale production can be carried out only after success.
    Before production, check the lubrication conditions of each hydraulic station, reducer, bearing bush box, lead screw, etc., and fill the hydraulic oil and lubricating oil correctly and timely.
    After the machine is stopped, the glue tank, scraping accessories and anilox roll must be cleaned in time to remove the residual glue and dirt in all parts of the machine for the next use.
    It is strictly prohibited to contact the corrosive liquid with the cot, and ensure that the surface of each drive roll is clean and free of foreign matters at all times.
    It is strictly prohibited to stack sundries around the hot oil machine, and keep the hot oil machine and its surroundings clean and free of foreign matters at all times. When the hot oil engine is working, it is forbidden to touch the delivery oil pipe by hand.
    Pur hot melt compound machine maintenance:
    The lubricating oil of the reducer shall be changed every six months ·
    350 × heat transfer oil shall be replaced every six months.
    Replace N46 or N32 anti-wear hydraulic oil every six months.
    Check the hydraulic oil tank and hot oil engine oil tank once a month to remove oil dirt and impurities, and add enough lubricating oil and heat transfer oil
    Add lubricating oil to bearing and lead screw every shift.
    After each shutdown, the rubber groove, scraping accessories and anilox roll must be cleaned in time to remove the residual glue and dirt in all parts of the machine.
    The chain shall be checked every shift to ensure normal lubrication and timely tension.
    Check whether the connecting parts and fasteners are loose or missing in each shift and fasten them in time.
    Check the oil pump, oil cylinder, solenoid valve, distribution valve, oil pipe and other connections for oil leakage every shift.

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