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    Welcome: Jiangsu SangDion Machinery Co., Ltd.
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    Overhead adhesive

    • Self adhesive compound machine
    Self adhesive compound machine

    Self adhesive compound machine

    • Commodity No.: 201911031001
    • Drying method: circulating air
    • Door panel: customized
    • Total power: 64.5kw
    • Product description: Adhesive laminating machine, circulating air, release paper laminating machine



    Sd-h1800 equipment configuration list

    I. mechanical specification: mechanical wheel width 1800mm, production line speed: 3 ~ 30m / min.

    Power supply requirements: three-phase 380V, air pressure source: 5kg / cm 2200l / min.
    II. Mechanical specification: xll-h1800-d1029
    Unwinding device I
    1. Central clamping device
    2. Air expansion shaft roll change
    Gluing device
    1. Comma scraper
    2. Platform station board
    Oven device
    1. 12m oven
    2. Circulating air
    3. Electric heating pipe
    4. Elevated type
    5. Dehumidification system
    6. National standard channel steel frame
    Unwinder II
    1. Hydraulic unwinding device
    2. Unwinding of gas expansion shaft
    3. Constant expansion force of magnetic powder
    4. Linear axis guide rail
    5. Infrared light control
    Compression device
    1. Heating roller
    2. 2.2kW shimmy motor
    3. Rubber roll fit
    4. National standard channel steel frame
    Winding device
    1. Air inflation shaft winding
    2. Constant tension winding
    Electric control linkage unit
    Electric control distribution box group and human-machine touch interface operation box.
    Installation and maintenance
    After the completion of delivery, installation and commissioning, it shall be guaranteed for one year and shall be used in proper operation. If it is damaged due to improper operation, a reasonable fee shall be paid.
    Spare parts

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