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    Large wall plate type

    • Pur hot melt adhesive laminating machine - copy
    Pur hot melt adhesive laminating machine - copy

    Pur hot melt adhesive laminating machine - copy

    • Commodity No.: 201911011001
    • Gluing method: gluing by pressing plate
    • Door panel: customized
    • Total power: 32.5kw
    • Product description: Pur hot melt adhesive laminating machine - copy



    Production process of plane mask
    1、 Introduction to face masks:
    Plane masks are divided into: 2 layers of non-woven masks, 3 layers of non-woven masks, and 4 layers of activated carbon masks.
    Size specification: 17.5 × 9.5cm (adult), 15 × 9cm (child).
    Raw materials of plane mask: 2-layer mask: non-woven fabric, nose rib, ear hook.
    3-layer mask: non-woven fabric, nose rib, ear hook, filter cotton (filter paper).
    Active carbon mask: non-woven fabric, nasal tendon, ear hook, filter cotton (filter paper), active carbon cloth.
    Classification of flat face masks: outer ear with flat face mask, inner ear with flat face mask, strap type flat face mask
    Main application scope of plane mask: ear hanging elastic mask is mainly used in food factory, electronic instrument factory, pharmaceutical factory, beauty salon, family health care, etc. Bandage mask is mainly used in medical and health industry, especially in surgery.
    2、 What equipment is needed to produce flat masks
    1. Semi automatic production process:
    It requires a flat mask printer and at least two sets of ear band welding machines.
    If the mask binding machine is produced, the mask binding welding machine shall be equipped
    Machine proportion: 1 flat mask laminating machine, 2 ear belt welding machines or mask binding machines.
    Efficiency: 120-150 pieces per minute, 40-50 pieces for ear band welding machine.
    2. Fully automatic production process:
    Need to use: one drag two plane mask integrated machine (optional according to production capacity), one drag three plane mask integrated machine (optional according to production capacity)
    One driven two in one machine: 80-110pcs / min

    One driven three in one machine: 110-150pcs / min

    3. Why does a film making machine need to be equipped with 2-3 ear band welding machines?

    The plane mask is composed of the mask body and the ear belt. The traditional mask equipment is composed of the body machine which is responsible for forming and laminating the mask body and the ear belt machine which is responsible for ear belt welding. The efficiency of the body machine is high (120-150 pieces / min), while the ear belt welding machine is relatively low (40-60 pieces / min). In order to achieve the perfect coordination of the output of the body machine and the ear belt welding machine, we generally The customer recommends a body machine with 2 to 3 ear belt welding machines. In the fully automatic integrated equipment, generally a mask body machine is also connected with 2 to 3 ear belt welding machines.

    1. The ear belt mask machine uses ultrasonic welding method. When the mask is moved to the processing position, the ultrasonic wave will be generated automatically. The vibration with small amplitude and high frequency will be formed on the ear belt, and it will be converted into heat in an instant, and the materials to be processed will be melted. Finally, the ear belt will be permanently pasted or embedded in the inner side of the mask body, which is the last processing procedure of the inner ear belt mask production. Only one operator is needed Place the mask body piece by piece in the mask plate, and the subsequent actions will be automatically operated by the equipment until the finished product is completed.
    2. Working process: (mask body) manual feeding → automatic feeding of ear belt → ultrasonic ear belt welding → non-woven fabric side feeding and binding → ultrasonic side belt welding → side belt cutting → finished product output → counting → finished product stacking → conveyor belt device delivery.
    3. The automatic production line of one drag two plane mask machine only needs one person to operate the packaging. The whole process of automatic production is fully realized. The equipment adopts ultrasonic welding, with beautiful style, sanitation and environmental protection.
    The output is 90-110 pieces per minute, the length of the nose strip is adjustable, and the product size error is ± 1mm. Changing part of the mold according to the demand can realize various specifications of masks. This production line can produce various non-woven masks
    , smooth cloth mask, gauze mask, active carbon mask, double nose line mask, etc. Support the production of 1-5 layers of non-woven mask. The earband mask has the advantages of comfortable wearing, no pressure, good filtering effect and fit for human face.

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