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    Welcome: Jiangsu SangDion Machinery Co., Ltd.
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    Small wall plate type

    • Hot melt adhesive / oil adhesive two in one coating and laminating machine
    Hot melt adhesive / oil adhesive two in one coating and laminating machine

    Hot melt adhesive / oil adhesive two in one coating and laminating machine

    • Pur hot melt adhesive
    • Two in one compound machine
    • Product description: Pur hot melt adhesive oil glue two in one coating and laminating machine
    Jiangsu shengdun Machinery Co., Ltd., 24-hour service online!
    Our address: west side of Jingtian Road, shuangchuang Industrial Park, Dagang Town, Yandu District, Yancheng City (n)
    Contact mobile: 15050663101, looking forward to your consultation!
    All new and old households need to buy environment-friendly hot-melt adhesive oil glue dual-purpose laminating machine. Please come to shengdun, Jiangsu Province to have a look!
    If you are still worried about the quality of the machine? Our annual production and sales of hundreds of machines and equipment, less than 1% of the maintenance rate to give you confidence!
    If you are still worried about the performance of the machine? All our electronic accessories promise, hot melt adhesive oil glue two in one compound machine protection technology to protect you!
    If you are still worried about the after-sales service of the machine? Each of our machines must pass your sample before leaving the factory! Our after-sales commitment: one year warranty, lifelong maintenance, regular prompt maintenance
    If you are still hesitating about the price of the machine? Then I hope you can understand the truth of "every cent is worth every cent". Low end configuration of the compound machine is not durable, and there is no guarantee in the compound machine!
    The price range of the compound machine ranges from the economic type to the intelligent type, ranging from 50000 to 400000. There is always a compound machine suitable for you. Tailor made for you wholeheartedly, and create different levels of machines to create wealth for you.
    Oil glue, PUR hot melt adhesive dual purpose laminating machine application:
    The machine can not only use solvent-based glue, but also use solvent-free and environment-friendly pur hot-melt glue, which can fit cloth + cloth, cloth + film and other composite materials needed by the market. Composite products are environmentally friendly, non-toxic, adhesive and flexible, and are resistant to high and low temperature and moisture. They are not susceptible to temperature, elasticity, durability, wear resistance, oil resistance and aging resistance. In addition, PUR has excellent fogging performance, low release substances and neutral color characteristics, which can be applied to medical products requiring repeated disinfection. The product compounded by pur Hot melt Adhesive laminating machine has lower loss rate and higher washing fastness. Pur Hot melt adhesive laminating machine can completely replace the traditional solvent based laminating equipment, the whole production process does not use flammable, explosive and toxic solvent based glue, the factory has no potential safety hazard, and meets the safety requirements of the national safety supervision department; It can make the front-line production workers away from the harm of solvent to the body, and the compound product has no residual solvent, which fully meets the export environmental protection standards, and has great social benefits.
    Environment friendly hot melt adhesive hot glue dual purpose laminating machine (hot melt adhesive oil glue two in one laminating machine) technical parameters:
    1. Effective door width: 1800 mm
    2. Mechanical roll width: 2000mm
    3. Design line speed: 5-45m / min
    4. Mechanical dimension (L * w * h): 1 mm
    5. Heat transfer oil heating temperature: adjustable hot oil circulation 180 ℃ (max)
    6. Total mechanical power: about 65kW
    7. Power supply: 380V, 50Hz, three-phase
    8. Total weight of equipment: about 6500kg
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